At Discount Hospitality Flooring, we offer a wide range of accessories including cove base for all of your flooring needs. Cove base is a flooring solution product that helps protect your walls from dally wear and tear. Cove base is available in coordinating solid colorways or by using your broadloom carpet pattern of choice to extend up the wall. Adding cove base to your project allows for a seamless monolithic look and adds an overall clean view to your flooring vision.

Cove base is a great addition to add to any hospitality or senior living space. Browse our selection of cove base today!



Our broadloom cove base uses the same pattern chosen to extend up the wall, adding a seamless look to your hospitality, worship center, senior living, or multi-family project. Made into 4" standard strips, our cove base is 100% solution dyed nylon with both binding and serging options available.

Browse our wide range of broadloom products today!

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