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Let Discount Hospitality Flooring provide you with the perfect flooring for your worship center.

Worship center flooring needs to be attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. You want your space to be both comfortable and welcoming. It should bring about feelings of peace, joy, and familiarity. At Discount Hospitality Flooring, we offer a wide range of budget-friendly and stylish flooring options for your worship center.

Carpet is a popular flooring for a worship center as it absorbs sounds while promoting tranquility and quiet. It is commonplace for worship centers to play music at high levels; thus, the sound absorption of carpet or carpet tiles is useful. LVT is also an excellent option for a worship center as it is attractive and easy to maintain.

No matter what your worship center flooring needs are, Discount Hospitality Flooring can help. Browse our selection of broadloom carpets, carpet tile, LVT, or rugs for your worship center today.



Whether we're talking about hotels, restaurants, worship centers, or senior living centers, broadloom carpet brings the soothing feel of soft carpet underfoot. Both attractive and durable, broadloom carpet helps quiet the sound of foot traffic, making for an even more pleasant environment. At Discount Hospitality Flooring, we're proud to offer broadloom carpet options to our customers.

Broadloom carpet is named as such since it is woven on a wide loom and often features patterned texture and tighter, low-profile fiber twists that can offer greater appearance retention, stronger resilience to crushing, and an overall longer life cycle.

For all of these reasons, we think you'll love broadloom carpet for your project.

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Carpet Tile


At Discount Hospitality Flooring, we're proud to offer carpet tile for your commercial space, worship center, senior living facility, and more.

Available in a vast selection of colorful, stylish, and modern looks, carpet tile offers beauty and comfort to any setting. With carpet tiles, you're getting carpet options that are easy to repair and work with.

Carpet tiles mean less of a long-term commitment while adding additional benefits such as enhanced comfort, safety, durability, and much more. Browse our selection of carpet tile today!



At Discount Hospitality Flooring, we offer a range of excellent LVT styles for your project.

LVT, luxury vinyl tile, floors offer the beauty of wood without the cost associated with those materials. LVT provides the benefits of an engineered flooring option, like resistance to spills, scratches, and stains.

LVT is available in a wide range of options, each one promising impressive vibrancy. color depth, flexibility, easy maintenance, and easy installation. Ideal for a commercial space, LVT provides simple installation and maintenance. You can expect your LVT floors to age well and handle foot traffic and wear and tear superbly regardless of the setting.

For an attractive, easy-to-maintain, and durable flooring option, contact us about LVT flooring today.



No matter what the setting, the right rug can really help bring a space together. In fact, there are very few design changes that offer the most for your space, as adding an area rug to a room. At Discount Hospitality Flooring, we're proud to offer a range of rug options for your worship center, senior living community, restaurant, shop, hotel, or other hospitality setting.

We have a vast selection of broadloom carpets ready to create any size rug from 5'x8', 8x10", 10x12" and larger. You are also able to build your own unique rug design with our Rug-in-A-Box carpet tiles. Included in this fun DIY project are adhesive tabs for easy installation and extra tiles for a quick replacement of damaged or worn sections.

Learn more about our selection of rugs today!

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